RxAlerts terms and conditions of use

RxAlerts is a service available to professionals within the healthcare sector, and is provided by CSL (Compufile Systems Ltd).

The information provided

The service uses AI and computer algorithms to spot patterns in the primary care prescription data, which are deemed to be of potential interest by CSL.
The underlying data is provided by NHS Digital and is made available under the government’s open data licence. As such, there are certain restriction on the use of these data, which are set out here http://content.digital.nhs.uk/terms-and-conditions
CSL would like to draw the user’s particular attention to:
• the need to source any reference to this data with the following: "Copyright © 2017, Re-used with the permission of the Health and Social Care Information Centre, also known as NHS Digital. All rights reserved."
• The permissions for re-use within the NHS terms and conditions
CSL utilise data techniques designed to highlight events that could be deemed to be of interest at the locations and with the products that the user has subscribed to. Users may subscribe to one or more algorithms, which will look for different patterns in the data or in predictions made from the data.
While every care has been taken to develop and test the algorithms, CSL cannot guarantee to highlight everything of interest to the user in the data, and this service is designed to be used in conjunction with traditional analytical approaches to analysing the prescription data.

Market definitions

CSL have defined product markets according to product types in a generic manner. In some instances generic molecules have been added to the branded versions of the product where a one to one relationship can be determined.
CSL is not able to make changes to the generic market or product definitions for individual users. However, bespoke markets and product definitions can be created as part of a private subscription (not made widely available) at a fee. If you are interested in seeing a private definition, please email info@csl-uk.com from the email address with which you have subscribed with details of the request.


The service is licensed 'as is' and CSL excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the service to the maximum extent permitted by UK law.
CSL provides no guarantee of the accuracy of the data presented within the Alert service, and will accept no liability for any damage or loss of any kind caused by its use.
CSL will make reasonable efforts to ensure the data provided by NHS digital are processed accurately and in a timely manner.
If you believe you have identified an error in the data provided, please inform CSL by emailing info@csl-uk.com with as much information as possible, and we will investigate. Where practical we will inform you of the results of our investigation and any corrections made.

Service enhancement

CSL is able to provide bespoke alerts to users or groups of users at a fee. Please email info@csl-uk.com from the email address with which you have subscribed with details of the request.


The normal hours of service are Monday to Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1800. Routine maintenance will be carried out at weekends and evenings from time to time, and CSL makes no commitment to making the service available during these times.

Personal data and privacy

CSL takes its commitment to data security very seriously, and we have set out how we will use and protect any data you provide to us in our separate privacy statement, available through the service website.